A Cosmology

This searching and this striving

Been going on so long

This needing a direction

A place where I am bound

It has me in an orbit

This Going round and round

I’m finally arriving

At the place I never found


The biggest surprise in my life (you have your own)

Is that being old is a great blessing and joy

I ask “How did this happen?”

And I can come up with many inadequate reasons, even when multiplied by a factor of ten.

So I am left to choose between two options: luck or love.

Chance or relationship.

Being that I have never considered myself lucky and have never won games of chance, I have opted for love.

That seems fine with me. I may not be lucky, but I know I am loved. That seems to have all the reasons covered/reconciled/forgiven.

And in the end/beginning that is all we really need to know.


Speaking White Pine

The wind is a spirit

It speaks in the pines, sometime

It may be speaking oak or poplar

If the Sun is out

That is a good time to listen

It’s always that still, small voice

We might mistake it for a whisper

From the forest floor

We must look upwards

Then we see the sway of its mouth

Forming words out of no words

That say, here!

And we say, “No!”

You got it wrong.


At the Store

“Oh you’re so cute!” The husky cigarette voice pleaded with my Father to give her attention as he held me in his arms, high above the legs and shoes. Perhaps that is what I didn’t like about her. She was really talking to him, not me. I was just someone who got in the way and protected him. He talked to my mother when we got home and mentioned that “Floozy” was there.

And You Are?

I am as water

Not ice or cloud

Not rock or ghost

Not gathering at mountain peaks

pools and valleys

My anointed space

Refreshment for farrow and field

A resting place

in the desert’s

Unhurried pace

Hidden by dune (doing)

And only encountered by following

The birds who chase the clouds

In search of rest and refreshment

The Alchemist

The alchemist is dead

He could not fashion gold from lead

The miracle it seemed

Was never to be gleaned

By prideful such as he

In disappointment died

And in so was chastised

By endless love unseen

Still so he was transformed

A poet was he born

His words were balms that healed

His phrases splinted breaks

An alchemist he is

And love is all it takes


Is my great exploration

The sail I unfurl unto the wind

That it might send me

Beyond my fear of mighty waves

And rocky shores

With songs of salt and spray

The captain calls me higher

Up the mast to untie ropes

To speed us through this course

Of doubt and freedom flashing

And the clashing of the thunder

Has us fearful full of wonders

As if God himself has plucked us

From this nest

And raised us in the air while saying

“Fly” and it is there I rediscover

We have wings and there’s a lover

Who is waiting our return when we get home