Service at Harper’s

They were having a service at Harpers Bar.

It’s about a block down from the community church.

The spirits flow freely there

And Honesty often erupts into a fight.

Twelve pickups and a few SUV’s

make an interesting congregation.

And each confession concludes with the listener’s exclamation of “No Shit!”.

And the man with a broken smile and dirty hands says, “Another round on me.” So the ex-football player with the white SUV knocks him off his stool until the bartender steps in and reminds them of their long friendship. Soon the shouts die down and Willie Nelson keeps playing on the juke box and two by two the patrons leave affected by the preacher’s words.


Three Questions

I can’t tell you who I am because

I’m hiding

I’m afraid I’ll be rejected if I do

Still, the thing about your love that I neglected

Is that I did the thing that you would never do

I left you and I thought it was the right thing

Thinking you deserved much more than what I was

But the opposite was true and it is frightening

To really, really know that I am loved

So from here I guess is really the big question

Do I come out of the cave into the sun?

Do I walk back through the gate that I had opened?

Do I come back to the place where life is fun?

Still, I’m feeling that I really

Lack the power

That I’m lost and I will never find the key

But you followed

And I hear your voice ascending

You were always mine and will forever be