I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

Catching my breath at the suddenness

Of Steam

fills the air

As clouds travel hurriedly to their unknown destination

An untrodden path to the woods I have visited many times before in other seasons

Still I know what lies beneath…the Fall

Now covered in white

With Unblemished diamonds

And infinite facets

Yes,How good it is

To Love like Winter



Winter Sacrifice

The cow trundles through the diamonds

It Seems the fence was lowered by the old tree some time ago

Now To be cut up into manageable pieces

For the hearth and stove on cold nights

And the sweet scent of smoke will rise

To join the clouds and roam the earth

Just as the cow

Old Vintage

Yes, a Spirit of the past.

Her number tells me so

Born in the flow of the Garonne

Still, quite hot that year

In Paris many perished

Unprepared for breathless heat

Still, the scent of moist evenings

And the warmth of those days

Swirls in the glassy

brown eyes of the young serveuse

Tribute to Buck

Well I always thought the answer’s in the question

And it’s curiosity that holds the key

Yet what I sought was always where I’m standing

So I breathe the sunlit skies on bended knee

And I thought that I should share this special secret

And make sure that others saw what I could see

But the harder that I tried I saw so clearly

All I did was to create controversy

Now we argue and we fight about perspective

We condemn and then we hate furiously

What I thought would be the path to our perfection

Still what we think is not the way that it should be

Yes, it seem that every person has been given

Different ways that I think strange and that are free

Yet it’s Love that straightens paths

And fills the valleys

And I’m not the one to tell them who to be

Let the beat of different drums

Now bring us solace

And the sound of different songs now bring us peace

Cause the seed is deep within each newborn person

And it longs to feel its leaves touched by the breeze

Service at Harper’s

They were having a service at Harpers Bar.

It’s about a block down from the community church.

The spirits flow freely there

And Honesty often erupts into a fight.

Twelve pickups and a few SUV’s

make an interesting congregation.

And each confession concludes with the listener’s exclamation of “No Shit!”.

And the man with a broken smile and dirty hands says, “Another round on me.” So the ex-football player with the white SUV knocks him off his stool until the bartender steps in and reminds them of their long friendship. Soon the shouts die down and Willie Nelson keeps playing on the juke box and two by two the patrons leave affected by the preacher’s words.