The Backdrop

The backdrop of morning

The dew on the grass

The chirping of blackcaps

the sunlight of brass

An odd recollection

I’ve been here before

A toddler now walking

Through the back door

About the Angle

That small right leaning slash between your words

Reminds me of the tower of Pisa

Except much smaller in dimension

a reminder of our failings

Still, one of the largest tourist attractions

Perhaps we go to be reassured it hasn’t fallen and to wonder

Does it stand by the power of mercy

Or our sheer resistance to impermanence?

Perhaps they are the same thing disguised in different letters/meanings/judgements

As a tourist attraction, I’ll give it an “A”

Common Prayer

“Tell me what I need to know”, seems a common prayer

It allows a scapegoat clause

Written in somewhere

If it’s wrong you are the snake

And crawl beneath my feet

Keeps me elevated

Just like wine and wheat

I am still a good one

Faithful to the core

Here, please eat my apple

Live forever more.

Poem as Prophecy

You will be limited by your language

And you will hear its voice

In your head

And you will judge it

As it has judged you

It will write your life

And you will defend it

With that life

Because it is written

As a law